The 101 Guides: Are Makeup Sponges Worth It?

You are using the best foundation, primer, face powder, highlighter and all the other makeup products, but you still feel like you’re not getting the best makeup look. You have watched different makeup tutorial countless times, and you still think to yourself, why am I not getting a smooth makeup look? Why is my makeup still cakey? Where is the gap? What is missing in it? Well let me tell you… DO NOT worry. We are here to answer your questions. Beauty blenders are the proper tool for the perfect and smooth makeup. If you only have makeup brushes in your makeup bag, then you are missing the solution. Beauty Blenders! Beauty blenders are also called makeup sponges. They are versatile in application to blend makeup in order to get a perfect look. No makeup box is complete now without beauty blenders, as it is mandatory for a professional makeup look.

Previously, makeup brushes were used to apply makeup. But now, beauty blenders have become more popular than makeup brushes. They are handy and easy to use. We can find beauty blenders that are specifically designed considering the face parts. For example, some makeup sponges are specifically designed to blender underneath the eye area, so that you don’t get and creasing under the eye for a smooth and flawless makeup application. I like to think of my makeup routine like making a smoothie. You have all the right ingredients, organic fruits and nutrition to add inside, but yet it still doesn’t blend properly? And that might be because you are using the wrong tools. You need to get the right tools that will blend every single ingredient properly, otherwise you will find bits and large chunks of fruit! Eww…

beauty blender is used to apply makeup that will bring the magical results in terms of smoothness and blending of makeup. Beauty blenders are not only great to blend foundation, but can be used for concealer, cream bronzer/contour and many, many more! You will find your skin poreless and flawless! They are not only use for makeup application, they are also great for skin care products, such as oils and serums which you should defiantly try by the way! Are you someone who uses fake tan? Well let me tell you a little secret. Everyone who uses fake tan will experience patchiness. Did you know Beauty Blenders can fix this? Well now you do. Give it a try and you’ll see the magic. But remember you heard it here first!

Let’s discuss soakage. We know that a lot of people that have tried different beaty blenders say that they soak in a lot of foundation, and to be honest with you, it true! I myself have used a beauty blender and it left my foundation looking like I have only put a BB cream on it! But that’s only certain beauty blenders. Not every beauty blender in the world is made from the same materials. Some have latex, some do. But here at Miss Cara Beauty we ONLY offer latex free beauty blenders. Latex is one of the main materials that allows soakage in the sponge. And not to mention that a lot of people have an allergic reaction to latex! Latex also doesn’t allow the beauty blender to expand as well when dampened. So, when its time for you to buy a new beauty blender, consider going for the latex free ones!

Beauty blenders are easy to use. It is always preferred to use wet beauty blenders instead of dry beauty blenders. It is always suggested to use wet beauty blender to get better makeup results with less wastage of beauty products. One reason to use wet beauty blender is that wetness causes sponge to swell that will be fruitful to get a fine, even makeup look. Simply wet the beauty blender with some lukewarm water, and squeezing the excess water out of it. After that add some foundation either directly to your face or to the back of your hand and start blend away all your problems!

Beauty blenders are available in different sizes, shapes, and price range. Typically, people who may want to purchase a beauty blender might go to a drug store, or anywhere else that might sell makeup. But here at Miss Cara Beauty, you can choose the perfect beauty blender for you. What is your favorite color may I ask? Pink, Blue or Purple? Whatever it is I am sure that you will be able to your beauty Blender in your desired color! Different colors also make it aesthetically perfect to use. Not to mention that you can get it delivered straight to your door… Yes, you don’t have to step out your house to get one! Having multiple shaped beauty blenders are additionally important as well. Different shapes can allow you to get in different areas. The egg-shaped beauty blenders are one of the common ones. This is because they typically have a pointed edge, to get in them hard areas where a brush can’t, a flat side and the curved edge. And are beginner friendly too! Now let’s move on to price range. Here at Miss Cara Beauty, we have multiple choices for you to choose from. Are you just looking for one beauty blender? Get one here for £3. Or are you looking for four, in which can be purchase for £9.99 in a cute little box too! We even sell a jar of seven, which includes two minis (they are soo cute!) and a box of eight!  The reason to why we sell different quantities is because beauty blenders should be changed every three months. This is so that bacteria don’t start growing and doesn’t spread on your face. Trust me, you don’t want that!


Why one should go for beauty blenders instead of makeup brushes? The answer is very simple. Beauty blenders give better refined makeup look as compared to brushes. Beauty blenders blend the makeup foundation and all other stuff better than brushes. So the chance of wastage of product is less than brushes. We cannot wash the makeup brush every day, but beauty blenders can be washed easily after single usage. It is also suggested that beauty blenders should ALWAYS be properly disinfect if you have some skin acne issues. It is necessary for beauty blenders to take care of its hygienic conditions. Otherwise, it may cause some infection and soon you can see pimples on your face. It is also suggested to let the beauty blender dry completely before you put it back to beauty box. It is no doubt beauty blender is a tool of perfect makeup, but it needs proper care and handling for sure.


 Beauty blenders are the key to perfect makeup. By using beauty blenders, you will get high professional makeup at your home by your own. Try our beauty blender and be your makeup artist at home. By using our beauty blenders you will remarkably get seamless perfect skin!

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