The 101 Guides: The Perfect Lip Care

If someone asks a woman to define the necessities of life for sure, the common list of necessities will include beauty along with food, clothing, and shelter. Women and beauty go side by side. We cannot even imagine a woman who has no desire to look beautiful. We determined beauty mostly by the face that usually focuses on lips. A lady having beautiful lips is always the center of attention of everyone.  


If planning a date with your boyfriend and suddenly find your chapped lips in the mirror while applying lip gloss. What would you do? You will start imagining the pain both of you will get, while your boyfriend is kissing your lips. OH, Lord! What to do now? Before going through this painful phase, it’s important to plan your date, adopt proper lip care precautions


The expansion in the makeup industry has opened a new horizon of makeup items. In a typical makeup bag, you will have the basics such as lipstick, and lip balm. However, these days you may include many other lip care products that you might not typically include in your makeup bag. All these products that are listed below, are the key to having beautiful lushus lips!


Lip glosses, Lip Oils, Lip scrubs and Lip balms are all common and effective lip care products to use. These products are very easy to source and have wide variety to choose from at Miss Cara Beauty! Don’t get confused if you do not understand the difference between lip glosslip balm, lip oil, and lip scrubs. We are here to answer all your queries about lip care and lip beauty.


Lip Scrubs:

Now let’s start off with lips scrubs. Lips scrubs is the one lip care products that you don’t typically see in everyone makeup bag. They have been around for quite some time, but recently have started to get a lot more popular and use by a lot more people. We may apply lip scrubs to remove dead skin cells in lips that are causing roughness and dryness to your lips. These scrubs are the best tool to nourish the dead skin on your lips. If having issues regarding the dry and rough lips, go for lip scrub and smile without pain and scratchy lips. Lip scrubs consists of two main ingredients, sugar and oil. However, there are many different ways to make lips scrubs and many different ingredients you could include when making your own lips scrubs at home, to suit needs. Lips scrubs tend to have a grainy and course texture. To use a lip scrubs, simply scope out a small amount on your finger and start to use circular motions on your lips. This is when the dead skin cells start to scrub away. Leaving you with smooth silky lips! Lips are naturally soft and gentle, and if damaged by some cause, it will make us feel uncomfortable.


Lip balm:

Lip balms are one of the most popular lip care products that people use to moisturize their lips. Lip balms are absolutely perfect to apply after you have used a lip scrub. Lip balms includes many different properties to moisturize your lips when they are dry and chapped. Many people actually didn’t know that lip balms are really affective when you have cold sores. Lip balms usually contain some kind of wax. Whether its beeswax or carnauba wax, which is actually a perfect alternative for Vegan lip balm. A lot of Lip balms usually include some sort of flavors to make you feel fresh. In addition to the fact that there are many flavors for you to choose from! Whether its Strawberry, Cherry, Banana or ice cream! You name a flavor, and there will certainly be one on the market available for you to purchase.


Lip Oils:

Lip oils are actually very similar to lip balms. They tend to be used specifically for skin hydration. Vitamin E oil is one of the main ingredients in a lot lip oils. Some lip oils are actually infused with pigments, just lip sticks, to give the lips some sort of color. A lot of people actually might say that lip oils are a mix between lip balms and lip gloss. It has the same moisturizing properties as lip balms, but will have the same glossy look as lip glosses. So yes, it will keep your pout moist and fresh with a beautiful glossy look. Lip oil like other oils enhances moisture in your lips. Just imagine having glossy moisturized lips, with the benefits of vitamin E oils! How can you resist?


Lip gloss:

Lip gloss is used most commonly and preferred by women around the globe for a glossy lookLip gloss enhances the beauty of your lips and gives them a shiny look. Lip glosses have replaced traditional lipsticks as they are handy to carry especially if you want long-lasting glossy lips. One of the main benefits that I personally prefer with lip glosses to lipstick, is that I don’t ever get it on my teeth! Yes, I am pretty sure we have all had them embarrassing moments when what have smiled with lipstick stained to our teeth! But not anymore. Lips glosses have really changed the game if you want color to your lips with a stunning glossy look. Some lip glosses actually might have some sort of shimmer pigments in them, to make your lips sparkle.


Home Remedies:

There are many home remedies to protect your lips from dryness and roughness. We apply many natural ingredients to make lips soft and smooth. Rosewater with glycerin is one of the best remedies for bringing your dead lips back to life. Glycerin is a repairing agent for lips. It is added to home remedies and the making of lip balms and lip glosses. Coconut oil, petroleum jelly, honey, aloe vera gel, cucumber, and Vaseline can also be applied on chapped lips. Using these natural lip protective ingredients once a week, you can protect your lips from cracks and a dry look. By following these tips regularly, your lips will become more elegant and charming and you will feel confident because of your charming personality.



Lips represent your personality. Elegant lips are mandatory to look beautiful. We suggest it to every woman to take care of her lips. Lip balm, lip oil, lip gloss, and lip scrub, all are here to serve your lips in the best possible way. It’s up to you what you will choose for your lips. What we suggest, be selective and choose the best for your lips. Our lip care products are available for you. You are the best. So, you deserve the best for yourself. Buy our lip care products and tell the world about your beautiful and elegant lips. Have a nice click with your beautiful lips! Mwah!


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