The Real Luxury Lifestyle: Self-Love

Self-Love. Now, let's start off by getting to the bottom of the true meaning of Self-Love. Self-Love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are, and knowing that you deserve more! Some people use the word self-love but don't realise its significance. People tend to love others more than themselves. They deny themselves the personal love and respect they deserve. It would be best if you placed yourself first before anyone. It's not selfishness or being narcissistic; it's self-love.

In my opinion, self-respect and self-love are the most crucial elements of wellness. I believe that people should consider themselves as their favourite. Self-love is a domain that is the essential key to a happy life. The dictionary meaning of self-love is taking care of your desires and not scarifying anything for any other. Self-love is prioritising yourself.

Practicing self-love immensely improves your well-being and happiness. It also allows you to push through your limiting beliefs and lead a fulfilling life.

How do you practice self-love?

You are a unique being, the best of your kind. Don't let anyone or situation bring you down. Great potentials lie inside of you. All you need to do to unlock your greatness is to practice the following self-love habits cautiously. So we have listed some killer ways to practise self-love. 

  1. Respect yourself

For self-love, the most mandatory step is to respect yourself. Consider yourself as the best option available in the market. You are not only a person, but you are also a personality. Nobody is your favorite but yourself. You're the most precious one. Do not expect others to show respect towards you if you don't respect yourself.

  1. Be kind and never mind

Be kind and never mind is the best policy to stay happy and satisfied. I always see people promoting polite behavior towards others. But, in my opinion, you should first consider yourself. Take care of yourself, and then you can think about caring about others. Be kind to yourself and never mind if people say anything rude. They only want to gaslight you. You're doing the right by caring for yourself first.

  1. Ignore what people say

Self-love suggests ignoring what people say and focus what your heart says. It's evident from the experience of many years that people always say negative things. No human can satisfy everyone around them. If some are appreciating you, others will be criticizing you. Those emotions and biases are what makes us humans, not robots. So be calm and ignore what people are saying about you.

  1. Never say Yes when your soul says No

Being humans, you are blessed to born free. Freedom is your right. You can eat what you want to eat. You can say what you want to say. In all other aspects of life, you are born free. Then self-love demands from you to do what your inner self says. Inner satisfaction is necessary. Ignore what people are expecting from you. If you follow others, you can satisfy the people but not yourself. That's what makes some people end up hating themselves.

  1. Follow your own rules

Self-love needs freedom. It wouldn't help if you lived your life following the rules of others. Build your own rules and strictly follow them.  If you think you are different from others, then why you follow their path? You should follow your own SOPs as your destination is different from others. You should follow the path that you desire. It will be helpful to reach your ultimate destination.

  1. Don't compare yourself with others.

 Self-love teaches the principle never to compare yourself with others. Comparison means you compete. Comparison kills joy because you will always find someone who can do something better than you. That's how the world is structured. Everyone has their skill tools, and you cannot compare to do what they are doing. Never feel inferior in front of others. You are better than others in a particular way. You have some specific skill tools that others don't have. Stay confident and trust yourself.

  1. Kill the fear

 The fear inside you is the most horrible weapon to take you towards miserable life. You have to overcome the internal fear. The fear inside you is the hurdle in your successful life that needs your confidence and personal attention to overcome to become successful.


Life is not a bed of roses for anyone. The path of our lives sojourn is laced with thorns.  You have to fight to stay alive. When surrounded by mean people, you cannot ignore self-love.  If you love yourself, you can face the world and overcome endless life challenges. Otherwise, this world and the cruel people will push you into the pit of depression. So, endeavor to stop impressing others at the expense of your happiness. Focus on yourself and stay happy. Avoid negative energy and the toxic people who are taking you towards pessimistic life. Stay positive and enjoy life by appreciating yourself for what you have achieved. You are the hero of your own life. Be like a hero and feel like a celebrity.

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